Welcome loli-nyan!

Name: Sanae

Age:15 years old ~

Location:Casablanca (Morocco) ;u;

Something about you: I really love Anime & Idols ★ Also I love Japan & I’m into video games! ~

Why I want to Join: I’ve never been in any network so I wanted to join this one also the name is so cute ;A; and I want to make friends also I think it would be fun to be apart a network! ヽ(^▽^)ノ 

Welcome Mayelena!


Age: 19

Location: USA, Oregon :)

Something about you: Hmm… I really love arts & crafts, photography, and singing♪! ^^ and tumblr (of course), and cute/pastel things, and my oniichan ;D haha!★

Why you would like to be apart of this blog:

Well, I think it’s really adorable and I really love all the members blogs, so I really wanted to try it out! I’ve never been in a network before cause I couldn’t find one that interests me but this seems really nice c: ☆

Remember everyone! We strongly encourage nsfw blogs to join!
Welcome Cotton-carousel!

Name: J-Lin

Age: 15

Location: New York

Something about you: I’m very friendly and love to make new friends! ^^

Why you would like to be apart of this blog: I love cutesy networks and i’d be grateful to be accepted into this one! Everyone’s blogs are adorable!

Welcome Lonely-hime!

Name: Madison

Age: 15 years old

Location: New York

One thing about me is that I really really like princesses, bunnies, and singing!

I would like to be a part of this network because it would be a great way to make new friends and share my interests also with other people who have the same interests as me!!

Welcome cottonpon!

Name: Catie ~ But call me pon

Age: 20 >< 

Location: Europe/Portugal

Something ab out you: Ehm i am friendly,i like making new friends and help everyone out n.n 

Why you would like to be apart of this blog:

Well n.n because i want to make new friends since not all of my followers contact me =/..at least with a network would be nice.

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